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How Yoghurt is Made?

12 Jan 2018

In our daily life,yoghurt is everywhere. You’ll find the kids,the old and the youngs all like it.People sip yoghurt drinks in the streets and dip fried courgette slices into yoghurt in eateries.

Do you read carefully or know clearly how it is made and what is the food additives in it? 


Yoghurt has a long history.It can be traced back to around 4,000 years ago when nomadic tribes roamed the land. The nomads carried their milk in animal skins, creating a ripe environment for bacteria to grow and cause fermentation, producing yoghurt. In all likelihood, yoghurt was discovered in this way in different places at different times, and probably originated in the Middle East and Central Asia.

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When we talk about yoghurt now, we think of Turkish, Greek or even Icelandic yoghurt.

Traditional yoghurts were produced with different types of raw milk. Nowadays, we link yoghurt with cow’s milk, which is a result of the industrialisation of the product.We are now making yoghurt with the edible skin gelatin as food additive to make youghurt more thickness and esay to be kept.


Gelatin powder as food additives is widely used since 100years ago.At that time,people are making unflavored gelatin from bovine skin,so there is the bovine skin gelatin and some are made from fish,such as Tilapia so comes the fish gelatin or called the vegetarian gelatin.So when people extract gelatin from seaweed there comes the carrageenan,it is also called marine gelatin.Now they are the important food additives in our life to  make delicious food such as,mousse cake,gummy candies,icecreams,jelly puddings and also yoghurt.


The industrialisation make our life more colorful and makes every manufacturer opportunity and challange.For more information about the gelatinized products pls feel free to contact us.We are the specialized gelatin manufacturer.

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