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Animal Glue and how to Use Jelly Glue?

11 May 2017


    Jelly glue is also called Animal Glue.It is a kind of Hotmelt Adhesive and is widely used nowadays to produce good quality gift boxes,books and other various fields.It is a kind of water-based glue whose main ingredient is collagen, It is a natural polymer.Collagen proteins, derived from natural sources, are mixed with other safe ingredients including sugar, Epsom salts, glycerin and water then makes the Eco-Friendly natural Glue.

      Generally ANIMAL GLUE bonds surfaces which are water sensitive, such as paper, board, cloth, foam, backed vinyl fabrics and the like. These products are characterised by strong initial tack properties, along with the proper setting time, clean machining, and pleasant odor and provide long adhesive mileage.

When using our jelly glue – it should be melted, preferably in a temperature –controlled, jacketed gluepot, or pre-melt tank to 60-65oC. It may be used undiluted or diluted to your preferred viscosity with clean hot water. Hot jelly glue is applied to one of the surfaces to be bonded, and the surfaces are joined and compressed. The adhesive surface cools and the bond forms. It can be applied by a wide range of highly sophisticated equipment, or it may be applied with standard bench type gluers, brushes or rollers.

       Jelly glues can be cleaned up easily with hot water. This makes it easy to keep smelters and application machinery clean, and helps insure good adhesion and adhesive mileage. Our products offer excellent adhesion performance, and non-warp characteristics.

Common machine names used with the above jelly glues are Horauf, Kolbus, Crathern, Perondi to name a few.

animal glue

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