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What is Ballistic Gelatin

20 Apr 2017

What is Ballistic Gelatin?

                                                                                                                                       Date:30th Mar,2016

Ballistic Gelatin is also called paintball gelatin.It is a kind of industrial gelatin with 160 to 200BLoom & ash below 2%.For it is used in the paintball making so it has the special name of  ballistics gelatin.It is the top-quality among industrial gelatin. Many factories or government are importing such gelatin to produce paintballs in outdoor field battle or the military exercises. 

Its character is to lessen the force of its impact.The gelatin establish the optimal balance between elasticity and brittleness, enable the paintballs to keep yet not break when initially fired and burst open when they hit someone without causing any tissue damage beyond mild bruising.So ballistic gelatin is popular in India,Syria,Pakistan and many other countries.


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