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Happy New Year 2018!

04 Jan 2018

The Year 2017 is passing away and we are going to embrace the new Year 2018.


How you describe your life in 2017 and what plans do you have in the coming new year.As we usher into 2018, it is time not only to make new plans for the future but also look back at the times gone by.Hyfine is booming in 2017 and we are exporting thousands of tons of gelatin powder including the hydrolyzed animal protein powder with the animal glue as the main gelatinized products worldwide including Australia,Japan,Brasil,Mexico,ect.And in the coming 2018.we will do better work to produce good quality bovine gelatin sheets,jelly glue and unflavored gelatin powder for the needs of our clients.The most important is that we will explore new market for new products under the needs of the market.


Each country each city every person all over the world is celebrating the happy time.Let’s see what they do and how they spend the good time together? 

In the Australian, city of Sydney, more than 1,000,000 people gathered in front of the Sydney Opera House to watch a spectacular fireworks display in the harbour.About eight tonnes of fireworks were lit during the colourful display, which lasted 12 minutes.In Auckland, New Zealand, tens of thousands of people gathered to watch a fireworks display on the iconic SkyTower, the city's most well-known landmark.In Japan, people celebrated the arrival the of the Year of the Dog, eating New Year's food such as noodles, shrimp and sweet black beans and praying for peace and good fortune.In the capital, Tokyo, hundreds of white balloons were released into the night sky, followed by a music show.

Wish all the dreams and plans comes true in the new Year 2018.

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