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2017 Lablexpo Exhibition and the Animal Glue

06 Dec 2017

Today in Shanghai a new show is on.That is ,the new LABLEXPO INTERNATONAL LABLE EXHIBITION will be held between 5 - 8 DECEMBER 2017 at SHANGHAI NEW INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTRE.


As Asia’s largest event for label and package printers,you can see here many developed printing technologies,many new printing machines and many good quality printing raw material at low price,such as,the animal glue,jelly glue,papers,boards,pulps,ect.Whether youre choosing machinery or materials, it will be the best way for u to see all the options together in one place.
Listening the noise of the machinery in operation, feeling the texture of the substrates and watching the print quality by yourselves,you will feel everything worth its value.
As an experienced animal protein glue factory in China,we are here to show our good quality animal glue ,jelly glue that is the necessary raw material for printing and pasting industry.When u do the nice gift boxes,when u print the nice calendar and the nice notebooks or books,the hotmelt glue is here to be its value.It is a kind of protein based water hotmelt glue that is enviroment friendly.You can use it by adding some water and the machines can do the work to do nice pasting job.


Come and see how it works.


If u need any hotmelt glue,jelly glue or protein glue,animal glue,Hyfine will be your good choice.

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