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2016 Rio Olympic & Gelatin

20 Apr 2017


2016 Rio Olympic ended in a hurrah.


 One of the great match in Olympic Games is synchronized swimming.U can see many beautiful swimmers with beautiful hairstyle and clothes.U know the secret those synchronized swimmer can keep their hair style so good even they are swimming in the water for long time?

It’s gelatin! The swimmers specially use the Knox gelatine- a $6 product that not only freezes hair in place but also deep-conditions it in the process.

“It’s like unflavored Jelly-o — When mix the gelatin with water, gelatin powder turns into a gooey mixture,then the swimmers brush the jello gelatin to their hair, put it up in a bun, and put a headpiece over that, so when the gelatin dries, it gets hard and hair doesn’t fall out under the help of gelatin.

So next time when u forget to buy a swimming cap,u can try try our gelatin powder,the dried gelatin will essentially acts as a cap.


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