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Davos World Economic Forum 2017

20 Apr 2017

On January 17, 2017, the World Economic Forum - Davos Forum opened in Switzerland. The three-day Davos Forum will discuss the direction of world economic development and try to solve the current problems in the process of economic development to realize economic globalization.

In the past few years, the gelatine exporting is under challenges in recent years, such as,the edible gelatin prices from the high to the current low price of gelatin powder,gelatin hydrolysed powder,due to the world economic integration.Now,countries are constantly open, the world economy is more transparent, intense, so you want to do good gelatin business to be a good gelatin supplier in the fierce competition in the market, you have to have excellent quality and business rules, only in this way can the gelatin manufacturers find a way.

As a professional gelatin factory in China, we insist on the quality as the 1st principle, honesty and trustworthiness as the basic criteria.We only export those gelatin sheet that is strictly tested with high-quality gelatin powder, protein powder, and animal jelly glue. Finally we win in the fierce competition and is the best choice among those gelatin suppliers.

President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the forum. He stressed that China's development is an opportunity for world development. China is a beneficiary of economic globalization and a contributor. China's development will make the global economic development more balanced. The "circle of friends" along the route will continue to expand and more countries will join in to achieve greater economic development and reach the peak of international cooperation.

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