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Gelatin and its Usages

20 Apr 2017

Gelatin is widely used as  a kind of additives in many of our products in our daily life.

Gelatin is a protein substance get from hydrolysed collagen, it is a natural proteine present in the animal skin or bones.so there is bone  gelatin and skin gelatin.It can be extracted from beef or pork so there is beef gelatin,halal  gelatin and porcine gelatin,pork gelatin,pork skin gelatin,beef skin gelatin. It is produced by boiling,filtration,concentration and crushed. Gelatin's ability to form strong, transparent gels and flexible films that are easily digestedsoluble in hot water, and capable of forming a positive binding action have made it a valuable commodity in food processing, pharmaceuticals, photography, and paper production.

As a foodstuff, gelatin is the basis for jellied desserts; used in the preservation of fruit and meat, and to make powdered milk, merinque, taffy, marshmallow, and fondant. It is also used to clarify beer and wine. Gelatin's industrial applications include medicine capsules, photographic plate coatings, and dying and tanning.

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